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Fully Informed Jury Association

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In a recent trial in my county a woman was sitting on the front row of the gallery with a shirt that promoted jury nullification. The judge told her to cover up, which she did. He then brought the jurors in and asked if anyone had seen something 'unusual.' They professed they had not. Had one of them said, "I saw the jury nullification shirt" the judge was prepared to declare a mistrial.

So, if you ever get questioned prior to getting on a jury, it would be best not to acknowledge that you are an informed person. But despite what the judge says, it's your right as a juror to consider acquittal. Some people take this to extremes, advocating letting a murderer go free because of his race, for example. I see it as a valid option in the case of victimless crimes such as pot possession, or, dear to our hearts, firearms 'violations' when no one has been hurt.

"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing." - Edmund Burke
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Judges hate it because it nullifies their supreme power as God!
I hardly ever stand for a Judge. Just my little fuck you!
This can also be a handy use of Our Power to not convict on what we think is a BAD Law.
It is a form of our 2nd Ammendment type rights, in theory only. It is our stand against Government tyranny and absolute corrupt power.
It is a tool that should be known by all Americans.
In my lifetime, I have never been picked for a jury. In both Alameda & Contra Costa Counties once they saw that I was a registered Republican, I was generally excused.
They love liberal Dems on civil & criminal cases especially if there is a financial gain for the poor Defendant.

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7 years 43 weeks ago

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