Future of deer hunting

Future of deer hunting

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Deer Hunting

If the liberals get their way, it would not be far from the truth

Each election is an advance auction on the sale of stolen goods
5 years 9 weeks ago, 10:54 PM

Saint J.M. Browning

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I disagree

The commies wouldn't let you harm a deer. Unwanted fetuses, OK, but not deer. As a matter of fact, they'd probably eventual ban meat.

"I don't think Hank done it this way" - Waylon
5 years 9 weeks ago, 8:53 AM

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Starting with Obama taking away guns, next hunting will be banned because arrows and crossbow bolts are bad for the enviorment, and besides why would anyone want to kill Bambi. Somebody catches a deer in a snare and immediately the Libs call for a ban on all meat, vegans and PETA cheer in the street. Pet dogs everywhere start to become vicious because the brocolli pet chow causes them severe stomache cramps. No longer able to control the dogs people just get rid of them. Country dogs revert to there base behaviors and hunt, city dogs after they've eaten all the cats, and other non vegan prey, start going after humans. So many so that police and other personel can not stop ,being limited to shoot them with only the new enviormentally safe bullets made with compressed corn meal, which are in short supply as regular ammo companies have long gone out of business. and poisoning is completely out of the question, so says the EPA. after a time the country dog packs thin the game animals and make their way to the city, numbering about 100 million now since no more spay or nuetering going on. Mountains of garbage fill the streets as it is no longer safe to be outside to collect it. A new Korean gang comes into power by cornering the black market in dog meat. They buy up any and all weapons still in circulation. All but the rich and the Koreans are totally vegan now as all the cattle , chickens etc. have already been eaten by the dog packs. President Biden moves the seat of government to Argentina where Gauchos still rule, and beef is king. Obama unfortunately was attacked by one of the dog packs while walking Beau. This is all I;ve got so far. Thinking Quentin Taratino would be a good fit as director

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