good scenery

good scenery

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might be

i was in a hurry that time. My computer go hay wire somtimes

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it little bit unusual set up in the scenery which the rifle is set up in and it make rifle difficult to see completely clearly. btw, this is only one version of the PSG 1 and it not look like the PSG 1 that ryo pops own. but is very nice pic anyway. good job. but in future you should alway include name of rifle, place of origin and specs, as well as history of rifle and purpose for which rifle is design. it alway good idea to give as much information as possible for pic of rifle that you post. this is big help to all people here at the forum who view the pics of rifles. ryo often get frustrate when people post pic of rifle and not include any information about rifle.

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Moshi Moshi from LittleDragon
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Heckler & Koch PSG1

The PSG1 (Präzisionsscharfschützengewehr, German for "precision sharpshooter rifle") is a semi-automatic rifle designed by the German company Heckler & Koch of Oberndorf am Neckar.


This rifle is said to have been developed in response to the Munich massacre at the 1972 Summer Olympics. The West German police units could not engage the terrorists fast enough to prevent them from killing the hostages. H&K was then commissioned to create a high accuracy, large magazine capacity, semi-automatic rifle for police and military use.[citation needed]

[edit] Design

The PSG1 is mechanically based on the G3 rifle and features a low-noise bolt closing device (similar to the forward assist on many M16 rifles). Its expected accuracy is below 1 minute of arc (MOA) and it is considered to be one of the most accurate semi-automatic sniper rifles in the world. Its accuracy is sometimes even better than a bolt-action rifle. In the hands of a professional shooter, the PSG-1 is capable of putting 50 rounds of match ammunition inside an 80 mm circle at 300 meters (3.14 in circle at 328 yd). The specs listed above are mere factory listings. This rifle is a benchrest gun in autoloader camouflage. Easily capable of 1/2 MOA out to 500 m with factory Gold Medal Match Ammunition and a higher powered optic. (Nightforce 2.5-10x 32mmobj)

All PSG1s are free of iron sights but come mounted with the Hensoldt 6×42 scope with illuminated reticle. The scope has a built-in range adjuster which can be adjusted from 100 to 600 meters, so 600 meters is sometimes considered its maximum range, but it can still in fact shoot out to 1000 meters accurately.

It has a heavy free-floating barrel and adjustable stock. The PSG1 stock is of high impact matte black plastic, which can be adjusted to fit anyone. It is adjustable for length, and includes a pivoting butt cap and a vertically-adjustable cheekpiece. The forend is fitted with a T-way rail for sling swivel or tripod.

The rifle also features a removable and adjustable trigger unit, for further individual fitting of the rifle. The trigger is adjustable for pull and is removable from the pistol grip. The pistol grip is of a target-type with an adjustable palm shelf.

Another unique characteristic of the PSG1 is that after firing, the cartridge casing is ejected with substantial force, reportedly enough to throw it approximately 10 meters sideways. While this is generally not an issue for law enforcement snipers, it greatly compromises the military use of the rifle, because it would easily give away the sniper's position. The brass is also difficult to find for clearing the area of usage marks afterwords, due to the wide area in which it could have landed. Not only does this rifle eject brass some distance, but it crimps the casing severely, meaning most casings cannot be reused. The PSG1 also has a fluted chamber that does not allow the use of subsonic ammunition normally used in conjunction with a sound suppressor or built-in silencer.

[edit] Variants

The PSG1A1 variant was introduced by Heckler & Koch in 2006, and features two major improvements. First, the cocking handle was relocated a couple degrees counter-clockwise. This was due to the fact that when locked rearward, it often physically interfered with the long scopes often used on the rifles. The second modification involved the replacement of the outdated Hensoldt 6x42 scope. Non-police users often found the scope's 600 m range limitation and simple crosshairs inadequate for their needs. In addition, the rechargeable batteries are difficult to recharge and to find replacements for. A final fault is that Hensoldt does not repair this scope in the United States. For these reasons, the PSG1A1 has been outfitted with a Schmidt & Bender 3-12x50 Police Marksman II scope, mounted on 34 mm (1.3 in) rings. One last modification was the advent of converting the Sig Sauer SG550-1 Sniper rifle butt stock to work on a PSG-1. Now the HK rifle has a completely side-folding adjustable target butt stock removing a solid 10 inches in overall length. To remedy brass ejection a brass catcher must be installed.

The MSG90 is a militarized variant of the PSG1, that is both strengthened and lightened. The PSG1 and MSG90 share the same trigger group and adjustable trigger pull. The composite shoulder stock of the MSG90 is adjustable for height (cheek), length of pull (shoulder), and is smaller and lighter than that of the PSG1. Some MSG90s have a basic G3 barrel instead of the PSG1's heavy barrel, but remain free-floating. As a result, these particular MSG90s are capable of attaching a suppressor, which is an advantage over the PSG1.

The sighting system utilizes the multipurpose Weaver rail system rather than the STANAG 2324 claw mount for affixing sighting systems which can be purchased separately. This same rail mounting system is used on the HK21E, HK23E, and G41 (discontinued) series.

The barrel is weighted at the muzzle to aid harmonic stabilization of barrel whip to enhance accuracy. The addition of a flash suppressor adds to the overall length. Mexican produced MSG-90's feature a slightly longer barrel (1.1 inch) and the addition of a built in bipod, although it can be removed with the included tools.

[edit] In the US

Due to its high cost ($15,000–$20,000 USD per rifle) and government import restriction, the number of PSG1s in the United States is (as of 2005) fewer than 400, mostly in the hands of wealthy private collectors. Consequently, contrary to popular belief, very few American law enforcement agencies make use of the PSG1; however, the MSG90 can be found in many different units. Another popular misconception is that the PSG1 is used by the German elite counter terrorist unit GSG 9. GSG 9 marksmen make use of the AMP Technical Services DSR-1 rifle. However, many German Spezialeinsatzkommando teams (SWAT equivalent) use the PSG1.

From Wikipedia

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where are them nasty german whores i see on the internet..u slippin pal

I have reasons for the things I do, just don't expect them to be reasonable
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just doing my duty for GUNS!!!!!Lot.Not PORNS!!!!!!!! Lot lol

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