Good story & video on the L-Bird

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That was about what they toped out at.. Didn't see the movie (did watch the trailer, and first time ive seen that use off a ship) Don't like wiki, more fun if were all just sitting around having a cold one (icetea for CW, and Mike) and bsing.. I know that the piper cub was first built in the 30's someone else designed it, and Piper built it.. and like a lot of old WWII birds was still used in Vietnam, that was the L-4 version..don't know what L this is, but they were all pretty close..

The L comes from the Lycoming (sp) engine.. had 65 hp in final form.. Cruised at 75 mph, and had a ceiling of about 10K.. don't know on stall, but would guess down around 30-35 as take off was 40..Neatest story ive heard was Ike riding in one as pres in Korea.. All wood and fabric, except for the braces and control cables.. Pure cool.. check out the landing light on L wing..

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They were designed

by Taylor aircraft out of Bradford Penn. Piper was just an investor who ended up with the company when it went bankrupt in the 30's.

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