Got a new little ditty for me and the Wife

Got a new little ditty for me and the Wife

So we went to the gun shop yesterday to look for an old ww2 gun for me. didnt have what I wanted...they had an enfield, but the action sucked and was basically a POS. Had two ariskas, and too many SKS's. Found one Marlin 30-30 that I LOVED...was 499. damn asshole couldnt give me any deals, no box of ammo, no hundred off.....I said to him, you take 100 off Ill buy it right now. said he could only do 30 off. So I said fuck off, Ill find another. Thats basically my dream gun right there, either the marlin or the original winchester...mmmmmmmm. So anyway, me and the wife spotted this little Heritage .22lr cowboy pistola. Loved it....199 and it came home with us! Cant wait to shoot it, so pretty. plus they are a Florida company built here. 100% USA baby. Wife loves cowboy guns, and has decided she wants to collect old Colts...lmao...I said yea, good luck, and if you do, get me an old anyhow Ill update when we get a chance to shoot it. Ive got my grandpa's old western holster to use with my new 22. gonna be fun....Man I wish I would have bought that damn 30-30.


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sortatough.. good job

got the wife heading in the right direction for sure.. Plus your "dealing".. never never never pay retail.. You don't have to.. that doesn't mean you have to be an ahole'r.. As a rule of thumb from a retail price.. 10-15% is normal.. Thats the cool thing about ma and pa stores.. go to Walmart and ask for a discount. duh.. but the "owned" store will deal.. he/she bought the thing, pays the light bill, you bet their going to deal.. If your dealing with a バーバリー アウトレット in used gun store.. Ask for the owner.. If he is tell him how you feel.. he's a small business man and wants to know.. promise you he'll respect you for it.. if done with some dignity..

Look around for that old SAA... their still there in large numbers.. Start checking prices.. If shes in for the deal then you have a good chance of really getting one. These can still be shot thanks to all the SASS groups out there who use steped down loads.. You should be able to find a for real first addition for less than 2k .. not going to have much if any blue on it.. but iv'e looked at them (total of 5 this last year).. the 45 Colt goes for the highest steps down to the cheapest as a 32.20.. this is not a bad round. winni chambered all their levers in it as well, and thats going to be the cheapest.. Check out the round.. good luck

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