GP I have found something that you should try!

GP I have found something that you should try!

A deviled egg, that is wrapped in a beef and pork ground meat mixture, and put on the BBQ (smoker) until done.

It's called the BBQ Donut

Hope all is well man. We miss you on a regular basis. Have you found a new home.

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Now that looks good!

I'm gonna show this to my wife. She does all the grilling. She comes from a family that always did a lot of it. Her brother is a real master.
My dad did barbequeing on spits over a fire pit out in our back yard. I don't know what his sauce was, because nobody ever got the recipe from him, including my mother. Damn shame - it was really good.

Mike, let us hear from you more often. You're really missed.

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7 years 23 weeks ago

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