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for Greg

hey Greg,thought i'd show you a photo of my buds 72 sporty,i took this last month at his 60th birthday party.The sporty was chopped out in 1974 using the top of the line stuff,maybe you remember some of them.The bike was painted by House of Color,and pinstriped by Dave Perewitz in 1974,Paugho rigid frame, invader mags,Avon tire on the front, and a Sears rear tire,Denvers Choppers springer,CCI headlight,handmade forward controls.a great pair of upsweep triumph exhaust pipes on the other side.It is fast and sounds great.

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now this is a chopper

I see he changed over to L side shift to.. That was the only problem with the early sportys, that R side shift thing they had for the "cafe" crowd.. .. Beautiful stuff, and yep all top of the line names.. He running an S&S or what.. oh yeah and brakes... we dont need no stinking brakes..

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