Greg, Here's the "O boat" ship's crest.

Greg, Here's the "O boat" ship's crest.



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greg az

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The big O.. have you seen the documentary where they sank it .. In my 4 years i was on a total of one ship.. think i told you this.. had a cake job on our med deployment. Rota Spain...working for an ensign who hated the Navy.. asked us to call him by his first name.. you know the type..

My "yob" in life was to deliver film (movies) to any ship that docked at Rota.. No ships docked at Rota.. so i got to "explore" the area in my issued CJ 3.. One day an actual aircraft carrier showed up at the dock.. My first and only time on a ship..

A Spanish WWII aircraft carrier that we gave them 20 years after the war.. This was in 69, and they were still learning how to dock it.. I've always wondered what they did with it..

I should do some sorta Google on this.. don't know if they ever flew and retrieved, or what... All i know is that i found a ladder and took them up a couple three cans of film..

It was a dangerous mission Lou.. think thats where i got the grey hair...

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she burned? It was the year before I joined the air group (CVG21)
that had been aboard when that happened. We deployed aboard Hancock. I have to contratulate you for having been assigned one of the few "perfect" jobs in the American military.
I was assigned to a division that had a Ltjg that hated the Navy. It was my job to keep him from embarrassing himself and the Navy. I liked him but he did not fit in, I'll tell you about him someday.
I tried to get to the Med but I ended up back in ...Westpac.
The only time I've been to Spain was as a civilian, el turista.

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