Type Rimfire semi-automatic rifle
Place of origin Germany
Production history
Designer Dietmar Emde
Designed 2007
Manufacturer German Sport Guns GmbH
Unit cost €549
Produced 2007–present
Variants GSG-5 A, GSG-5 L, GSG-5 P, GSG-5 PK
Weight 2.9 kg (6.39 lb)
Length 714 mm (28.1 in)
Barrel length 230 mm (9.1 in)
Cartridge .22 Long Rifle
Action Blowback
Muzzle velocity 350 m/s (1,148 ft/s)
Effective range 150 m
Feed system 22, 15, 10 or 2-round detachable box magazine
Sights Rear: rotary drum with apertures; front: hooded post

The GSG-5 is a semi-automatic rimfire rifle chambered for the .22 Long Rifle cartridge. It is built by German Sport Guns GmbH, an airsoft wholesaler located in Ense-Höingen, Germany. It was unveiled at the IWA & Outdoor Classics trade show in March 2007 following the legalization of previously forbidden military-style weapons in Germany.[citation needed]

Although the rifle externally resembles the Heckler & Koch MP5 submachine gun, none of the parts are interchangeable, except in some cases for the handguard. German Sport Guns produces its own line of accessories, including retractable stocks and railed handguards. Many airsoft MP5 accessories may also be used on the GSG-5. Magazines for the GSG-5 are available in 2-round, 10-round, 15-round, and 22-round configurations.

The GSG-5 utilizes the H&K style drum sight that is adjustable for windage. German Sport Guns provides a weaver rail attachment that slides onto the top of the frame, allowing other sighting systems to be added.

[edit] Variants

The GSG-5 is produced in several different versions:

* GSG-5 A: With a 230 mm (9.1 in) barrel.
* GSG-5 L: Equipped with a 414 mm (16.3 in) barrel, designed to meet the legal requirements for minimum barrel length and overall length in several countries (including the United States). The longer barrel is covered with a barrel shroud (mock suppressor) for aesthetic purposes.
* GSG-5 SD:Similar to GSG-5 L but with both a larger fore grip and mock suppressor, similar in look to a MP5-SD
* GSG-5 P: Pistol variant with an endcap instead of a buttstock. Barrel length is identical to the "A" version.
* GSG-5 PK: Similar to the GSG-5 P, but with a 119 mm (4.7 in) barrel and shorter handguard.

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