This 9mm ammo is on Gunbrokers now. See my email to this guy

This 9mm ammo is on Gunbrokers now. See my email to this guy

This auction is for 500 rounds of new Winchester 9mm 115gr. Full Metal Jacket ammunition. ONLY $9.99 Shipping. Buy now price $209.00 . So with shipping $219.00/500= $43.60 per box of 100. Rotten gougers. They buy it at Walmart then charge you $40+ for it!

I just sent this email to this guy. He is in New Orleans, LA

More of a statement to you. I hope you weren't one of the fortunates in NO, LA who benefitted from the largress of the rest of us US citzens during Katrina. You buy ammo because you need it, not to fuck the rest of us.
I hope to God you and your family never need ammo. You are a price gouger! Sleep well.

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But then again, if people are buying it, then they're the idiots, aren't they?

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