The Gunslinger

The Gunslinger

The Gunslinger is an excellent organizational tool. The layout of its compartments, with a large and a small tuck-pocket on the outside, two small accessory compartments, a mid-size compartment in the top-cover, and a large main compartment that has both top- and full side-access, you can load the pack with your gear in a way that makes it predictable to locate whatever items you need immediate access to. You can add external magazine pouches and accessory pouches virtually anywhere on the pack. On top of this, there is really no way to adequately describe the superiority of this weapons carriage system over the standard shoulder sling. You must try the Eberlestock backpack systems in order to truly appreciate them.

The Gunslinger Special Ops backpack shown at the right will carry a Tactical Shotgun with the concealment weather cover in a down position.

The new GS05M Gunslinger is a 2900 cubic inch pack, with extraordinary features that set it apart from any other mid-size pack. The Back scabbardâ„¢ is wide enough to hold any type of rifle or shotgun , including para-military style rifles and rifles with large scopes (DPMS .308 LRR with Leupold 6.5-20 x 50 LR/T shown below; it drops right in and slips right out). Such as Bushmaster AR15 rifles, Rock River M4 Carbines and Socom patrol rifles.

The Gunslinger backpack is quickly become the rifle carry system for many Special Tactics Divisions of many Law Enforcement agencies. This system allows the officer to have both hands free to use primary tool and easily switch to a back up ie: make entrance with shotgun and switch over to M4 Carbine or visa-versa. The Gunslinger backpack with it's unique rifle/ shotgun case is perfect for tactical shotgun or M4 Carbine style rifles up to a full bolt action setup.

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I want ....

It appears to be exactly what I have been looking for ... provided it rides comfortably and allows me to bring my rifle into play while the pack is still on my back. Either that or I have to be able to drop the pack and slap iron at the same time. $239.00 seems reasonable enough if it is what it is presented to be.

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