H&K P11 Underwater Gun

H&K P11 Underwater Gun


SBS frogmen carry the Heckler & Koch P11 Underwater PistolThe unusual HKP11 is an underwater pistol that shoots 7.62mm darts. Magazine capacity is 5 rounds. The darts are propelled by solid rocket fuel and are ignited electically.

The P11 is carried by SBS frogmen for defence against enemy divers and can engage targets up to 15 meters away underwater.

The unique firing system makes the P11 virtually silent when fired above water where it has an effective range of 50 meters and thus may be used when coming out of the water e.g. to neutralise sentries when moving in on a maritime counter terrorism objective or onto the shore.

The downside to the complicated firing system is that the P11 has to be sent to back to the H&K factory for reloading.

It's not publicly known if the P11 has ever been fired in anger by the SBS.

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