Handy Item, but only available to LE & Military

Handy Item, but only available to LE & Military

Blackhawk Tactical Fence Climbers Product Information
Blackhawk Tactical Fence Climbers are the best tactical tools available. Dynamic Entry has redesigned the Tactical Fence Climber by BlackHawk. Through a combination of new technology and rigorous R&D, BlackHawk design team has created a new laser-cut fence climber that is lighter, more compact and easier to deploy than our earlier design. This unique design provides a scaling rung on both sides of the fence for easy and rapid egress.

We offer complete line of BlackHawk Entry Tools. For our complete selection of products by BlackHawk on sale please visit our BlackHawk page. For more Entry Tools please visit our Entry Tools store section.

$122.41 per set



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Neat product

But I can see why they are only available to LE and Military. I am trying to think back to a time in my life when I climbed a fence to help someone or rescue someone or do anything that society would consider a net positive action...there might be 1 or 2, but right now as I sit here and think, I must honestly say that any fence I climbed that was tall enough to require something like this was in a time/place that would be construed as a net negative impact to the general welfare of the society--Just sayin'

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Im pretty sure you could make them for a lot lesser price. A LOT lesser. lol good idea though....LE would only use that for swat, I dont see patrol carrying them..not a chance.

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