Health Care Advisory - You need to contact your Reps....I did, have you?

Health Care Advisory - You need to contact your Reps....I did, have you?

Dear Sam,

This morning, the Congressional Budget Office released their final numbers on the Democrats' health care bill. They estimate this unprecedented takeover of our health care system will cost taxpayers $940 billion. This bill is full of kickbacks and back room deals, and exceeds the $900 billion ceiling President Obama set last September.

We must do everything in our power to defeat this bill from becoming law. The work we do in the final hours before the vote will make all the difference. Speaker Pelosi wants the House to vote for this bill on Sunday - less than 72 hours from the time I write this email. We have very little time to act.

I urge you to immediately call your Member of Congress to tell him or her to vote "No" on this disastrous piece of legislation. You can find your representative's office phone number at or by calling the House of Representatives main switchboard at (202) 224-3121.

Each poll that has been conducted shows an overwhelming majority of Americans are against the Obama Administration's attempt to impose government-run health care. Yet the Obama Administration and Congressional Democrats are doing everything trying to ram this bill through Congress this weekend.

Your representative in Congress needs to know you oppose this bill, so once again, I ask that you take a few minutes right now to call your representative and ask them to vote "No" on government-run health care.

After making the call, I ask that you consider making a donation to my reelection campaign. As you may have heard, I am facing a tough reelection battle and your support is needed so that I may continue my service on your behalf and fight for the things that you and I believe in.

I thank you for your time and generosity. Your involvement will make all the difference.

John McCain

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8 years 5 weeks ago, 2:00 PM

greg az

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This is important ...

We play around a lot but this is a major issue. The bill is posted on line now, with expectations that it will be voted on by Sunday night.. A couple of addendum's to Sams post..

1) Yes i have.. i called the 3 reps that our "on the fence" here in AZ.. This is thanks to dockets post that you guys can all get from the forum section politics "tea party red alert" this post has all the states rep's listed with phone numbers and email.. I called but either way.. Just know that its the most important issue of our day..

2) The latest polls show that only 20%, only 1/5 of America is for continuing this travesty, but the dems have so much riding on it, Obarry has canceled his trip, and it will be seen as a major failure if it does not pass, so the've loaded it with so many special deals, and double counts of funds that the CBO can't figure it out, and NO one is going to read the 2K+ pages..

3) So you can appreciate how the pres says this will save the deficit.. I just got this straight this morning.. Heres the big deal, as you know the bill has a number of features that don't kick in for some time..the big dollar savings thing.. The one that makes it a deficit winner will NOT come into effect automatically it has to be voted on in 8 years, this is a BIG deal..the reason it wont go into effect now is that this TAX is so huge that no rep voting for it could get reelected, and thats the reason it will NOT be passed in 8 years.. It really is a joke, and there's so much smoke and mirrors that this is being hidden from the public..

4) The other big issue is the payment to doc's for social security.. This has to be voted on as well..and it will cut dr payments by 25% for medicare.. Obviously they have not voted on this because no one wants to face the voter who's dr will no longer take ss. But thier counting the savings anyway...

5) The very act of "trying" to pass a bill with out having to vote on it is the most cowardly act i have ever seen.. This alone stinks out load, and is an indication of the quality of ethics in congress, These cowards all want political cover.. Please let them know they don't have it !!..

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8 years 5 weeks ago, 2:06 PM


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Done all I can

to try and stop this bullshit! Matheson knows how me and my family feel.

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8 years 5 weeks ago

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