Helping the enemy

Helping the enemy

Description: An American medic helps a German Luftwaffe officer. The officer was hit by shots in his car.

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That's one thing about

medics, they don't care who you are, if you are hit and hurt then you are helped! My Grandfather on Dad's side was a medic/ambulance driver in France during WWI.
My great Uncle Hampton got killed in the Ardennes offensive, AKA The Battle of the Bulge during WWII and my Dad was lucky enough to make it home from Vietnam after the tet offensive in 68' (after his second tour).
Hell, I would have gone to war but Dad was pretty adamant about the USCG being the place for me back in the early 90's, "you go fight drug smugglers, let someone else worry about Croatia" so thats what I did!

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