HK MK 23 Mod 0 With LAM and Suppressor Picture

HK MK 23 Mod 0 With LAM and Suppressor Picture

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These things come in .45 right? I always thought it was a 9mm.

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I know most of the guys prob answered Ur Q about FFL to FFL, But I just pulled out my "Applying for Your Federal Firearms License" book I got thru school, And here is what it says, word for word, K!!
Mail Order Sales
You may make mail order sales of firearms to legal residents of your state. You may sell long guns to residents of any other state at your premises provided the customer's state law (and your state's law) allow the mail order sales of guns.
-First, your customer must mail to you, or fill out on your premises. duplicate copies of ATF Form 4473 Part II. He or she must sign both copies. The form is green and almost identical to the yellow standard ATF Form 4473 Part I.
-You keep one copy and send the second, by registered or certified mail, to the chief law enforcement officer in the buyer's area. For example, if the buyer lived in a community in a city, you would mail the form to the chief of police. If the buyer lived on a farm in the country, you would mail the form to the sheriff of that county. (Your customer must specify the officer's name and address on the form.)
-Following receipt of the notice that the law enforcement officer has either accepted or rejected the form, you must wait at least seven, (7) days. Then you may ship the gun to you nonlicensed customer.

You probobly knew all of this, but I thought this was appropiate to post after the other day!!!

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I have

ALWAYS wanted one of these. Probably 2nd type of cool talking, but still...that is a cool pistol.

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HK MK23 Mod 0

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