HK NBW (sometimes incorrectly called “G11 PDW”)

HK NBW (sometimes incorrectly called “G11 PDW”)

HK NBW (sometimes incorrectly called “G11 PDW”)
This is a kind of little brother of the famous assault rifle (project) for caseless cartridges, the German HK G11. The G11 assault rifle was in the process of being adopted when the Cold War ended and was then cancelled together with a light machinegun project with the same cartridge and this pistol-like “Nahbereichswaffe” (German: ‘close-in weapon’). It’s said that prototype cartridges (different ones than the G11 cartridges) were produced but the weapon itself did not advance beyond mock-up stage. The comparison with the contemporary HK design presented directly below is interesting; this mock-up for a caseless cartridge gun doesn’t seem to be designed with the same intentions about ergonomics; maybe the NBW picture doesn’t look at all like the weapon would have looked if fully develeoped. The conventional MP7 (PDW), G36 (assault rifle)and MG4 (light machinegun) were developed for and adopted by the Bundeswehr instead of the caseless cartridge weapons family.

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