Homemade Spikes Litter Streets, Damaging Tires

Homemade Spikes Litter Streets, Damaging Tires

Reported by: Erica Proffer
Last Update: 11/24 11:07 am

LA JOYA - Flashing headlights can't warn you until its too late. Homemade spikes are another sign the drug cartels are using whatever they can to get away from the law.

Danger lurking on the highway. Dozens of tiny weapons littered the streets of La Joya, waiting for anyone. Most drivers don't know that the homemade spikes are there until it's too late.

During a late-night chase, drug smugglers threw spikes at U.S. Border Patrol agents. It was too dark for agents to see what was going on. Half-dozen vehicles fell victim to the spikes, including a La Joya police cruiser.

"We were just doing our regular patrol, and the officer just come upon these spikes, this one and the one in the tire," said La Joya Police Chief Jose del Angel.

We took the weapon out into the community to show residents. The size is deceiving but up close the spikes are large. They are especially hard to see from a moving vehicle.

"I've heard the reports, but this is the first time I've seen how they actually look," said resident Gustavo Gonzalez. "You can't see them. It looks like garbage in the road. You won't see it until you actually hear it."

The spikes are welded at the ends and at the center, using 2-inch nails.

Chief del Angel doesn't think the spikes are made locally. He believes it is all part of the smuggling job.

"Take this dope and take these spikes just in case you get chased by law enforcement just throw it at them," he said.

If that is true, he said there's nothing U.S. authorities can do to stop it. La Joya police called the Texas Department of Transportation to sweep the road. They told us it's standard practice anytime spikes are thrown during a chase.


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Simple yet effective,

not much you can do to combat that short of driving HMMWV's with auto inflators and self sealing tires.

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back yard tac

this is some old school tac. homemade spikes to keep someone out of your stuff. this wouldn't be nice at 60 MPH.

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Nasty little item, I hope any one that jits it is going SLOW.

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