Oswego County Homeowner shot & killed an intruder - And another one bites the dust

Oswego County Homeowner shot & killed an intruder - And another one bites the dust

Oswego County Sheriff: Homeowner shot, killed intruder

By Charles McChesney / The Post-Standard
October 17, 2009, 9:30PM

Pictured above - Oswego County Sheriff Reuel Todd talks about the shooting of an intruder on Hilltop Drive near Phoenix Saturday night. The intruder was shot and killed by the homeowner during a struggle, Todd said.A man who broke into a home near Phoenix was shot and killed Saturday when the homeowners came home, said Oswego County Sheriff Reuel Todd.

The owners of the home at 211 Hilltop Drive in Schroeppel fought with the intruder, Todd said.

“There was a violent struggle,” the sheriff said.

The intruder was shot once with a handgun and died immediately, Todd said. Where the gun came from is under investigation, he said.

A source familiar with the case said a woman came home from shopping with an adult son and found the male intruder inside the home. The intruder attacked the woman and the son came to her defense, attacking the intruder, the source said. The woman got a gun in the home and shot the intruder, the source said.

The intruder’s identity was not released, but Todd said he was a man about 40 years old.

The homeowners did not know the intruder, Todd said.

The family members were very distraught, but had only minor physical injuries from the struggle, Todd said.

Oswego County sheriff’s deputies and area rescue workers responded to a report that a person had been shot at the home shortly after 8:40 p.m. The caller to 911 dispatchers said someone had been shot.

Hilltop Drive runs parallel to Route 481 just south of Route 57A

Ambulance crews were kept from the scene as deputies assessed the situation. Shortly before 9 p.m., the ambulance crews were cleared to go in

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Good for her!

All of us would like to think that we would respond the way she did, which is certainly the proper way. Personally, I'm glad the son of a bitch is dead. He won't repeat any of his previous crimes. I just hope that his heirs/relatives don't sue the woman for violation of his civil rights. With the way our justice system is now, that's a definite possibility.

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