House Energy and Commerce Committee passed the 900+ page Cap and Trade Carbon Tax bill

House Energy and Commerce Committee passed the 900+ page Cap and Trade Carbon Tax bill

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Steve Elliott, President, Alliance


Late Thursday, the House Energy and Commerce Committee
passed the 900+ page Cap and Trade Carbon Tax bill by
a vote of 33-25.

For the complete list of Congressmen who voted to raise
your energy taxes and my detailed report, go here:

+ + Grassroots Response Has Major Impact

We estimate that Grassfire team members made over 150,000
citizen contacts (phone calls and faxes) to the House in
opposition to the cap and trade carbon tax Even though
Waxman succeeded in rushing the bill through his committee,
grassroots efforts clearly have weakened the cap and trade tax.

News reports indicate that Democrats in the House are still
very divided over cap and trade. First, four Democrats on
the Committee identified by Grassfire as key targets for our
fax and phone campaign broke with their party and voted
against the Tax. Second, a faction led by Charles Rangel
prefers the direct carbon tax over the cap-and-trade carbon
tax. Rangel is threatening to hold the bill up.

Collin Peterson (D-MN) heads up another faction of Midwestern
and agricultural state Democrats who disapprove of the bill.
Peterson said after the vote, "They can do whatever they want
with this, but I can tell you, there is no way this is going
to pass." Peterson claims he has 40 Democrats who will vote
"No" if this is taken to the floor.

Idaho Democrat Walt Minnick, who formerly supported the cap
and trade tax, now says the tax "will spawn a big bureaucracy
and is susceptive to manipulation and misuse."

Why would Democrats so openly oppose the Obama Carbon Tax plan?
Because these Democrats have been feeling the heat from the
grassroots -- from citizens like you!

+ + Building To A Bigger Battle In June

Our contacts tell us that Obama and Pelosi will use the next
few weeks to strong-arm Democrats to support the Carbon Tax bill,
with a possible floor vote in about 30 days. That means we have
30 days to get better organized to stop this outrageous tax.

Sam, here's what I'm asking you to do:

If you haven't done so already, please take a moment and
join ResistNet -- the official social network of -- so we can get better connected for this
and other battles against the Obama-led push to statism:

There is no cost to join. This is where you can meet other
Grassfire team members and conservatives who are taking a
stand. Just as important, you can connect with citizens in
your state and your Congressional district. We have volunteers
across the country who are helping us rebuild the conservative

Go here to access your state group:

Thank you so much for taking a stand. Grassfire team members
are literally on the front lines of this key battle to stop
this latest attempt by statist politicians to consolidate more
power and control over our lives in Washington, D.C.

Steve Elliott, President

+ + + + +
How you can fight back against socialism every month. is committed to fighting the new Obama-led march
toward socialism -- and you can help us fight back by scheduling
a special monthly gift by credit card. To say thanks, we'll
send you three special gifts. Go here to find out more:

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