How many remember SERE?

How many remember SERE?

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5 years 11 weeks ago, 12:26 PM

greg az

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SERE stuff..

yeah thats something Daisy and i had to deal with.. Daisy more than me, i joined the squadron right before deployment, didn't even unpack my seabag before getting on the 141, so the version i took was a pencil whip thing.. which means i didn't have to be chased around by luckys group in the wilds of Cali..

Lew did, he always speaks fondly of both the bugs, and first class treatment at the hands of his captors..

for what its worth the patch issued (for real here) was the patch on the right not the left.. never saw the one on the left and that has me wondering whats up, as the one on the left is in the correct VN colors, and im guessing the one on the right was Korea.. this has me baffled, (a not uncommon occurance) can't believe we were given the wrong patch, but i'd bet money the one we had was the one on the right..

hey Gunny we ran out of VN SERE patches for that group of patrol squids.. "see if you can find some of the old Korea ones, they won't know the diffurence"

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we don't need no stinkin patchs.....

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5 years 11 weeks ago

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