I Missed One Hell Of A Deal Today! THIS PICTURE IS NOT THE CAR I SAW.

I Missed One Hell Of A Deal Today! THIS PICTURE IS NOT THE CAR I SAW.

THIS PICTURE IS NOT THE CAR I SAW. It's just so you know what model car I'm talking about.

I was taking Mrs Daisy to an appointment. Driving down the road I spotted a Fiat 124 rag top sitting by the road with $600 painted on it's windshield. I hooked a sudden u-turn and checked it out. Owner said it has been in the barn several years. It belonged to his son but the kid liked pickups and never drove the car. I told him I had to go to town but I'd be back with some $$.
As luck had it a man stopped, looked at it earlier in the day and told the owner he'd come back. Being a man of honor the owner would not sell it to me until the 1st guy made his mind up.

The car is complete, just traces of rust in the usual places, top is "okay" as is the upholstery. The engine starts but won't run consistently (jelly fish in the gas?)
and the brakes don't work. It's paint is cracked and beginning to come off, no biggie.
Overall, a great '77 124 for only $600

The 1st guy that looked at it came back and bought it.
I said "darn it!

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Saint J.M. Browning

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That hurts me to hear it. I would have done the same. Pulled an about face when I saw it, that is.

"I don't think Hank done it this way" - Waylon
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4 years 33 weeks ago

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