I Promise

I Promise

Sent to be by a friend and Patriot

My promise: As an American, though I do not agree, I will honor the will of my country, my America and the choice that she made to honor you with her safety. I will fly this flag as a reminder to you! Like our forefathers flew to remind those who governed them. It is a reminder that we will neither live without law as equals or with law as slaves. That we cherish those rights and liberties afforded us by The Consitiution of These United States. This Gadsden Flag will fly above all except our Stars and our Stripes as a message to you Mr President. That you remember this!! You are above all my servant Obama! You are the servant of the American Nation and the Great Constitution by which it is goverened. You are the protector of it and you must stand as sentinal over its sacred text. If you smudge the paragraphs which contain God gifted ideals, if you tear the partchment which embodies all that is our nation, if you so much as breathe your liberal venom upon this document in order that it might bleed away our rights in a river of ink and tears then you will face a people re-empowered. An American people.

We will hold you to task and remind you every minute of every hour that you work for us. You will honor us and honor those who came long before you. If you do this and DO NOT TREAD ON ME, then I will do as you ask. That is my duty, to my God who gifted me this Nation, to my Nation which gifted me these liberties and then and only then to my Commander In Chief which we gifted you!!!!!

This is my promise!

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Can't Tread on me

I know there is symbolism in here, I forgot what they were. Anyone know? I kow there was something about the coils. and rings in the "rattle" and I thought there was more to this picture that was one the flag.

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7 years 48 weeks ago, 4:59 PM


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its sapposed to be in 13 peices. each for all 13 colonies. not sure about the rattle though. i have this flag on my truck..i love it. thats a good website


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