Illegal Alien Child Molester Secretly Awarded $4 Million by Orange County

Illegal Alien Child Molester Secretly Awarded $4 Million by Orange County

Illegal Alien Child Molester Secretly Awarded $4 Million by Orange County, CA

Dave Gibson, Norfolk Examiner (Virginia), September 30, 2009

On April 17, 2009, the Orange County Board of Supervisors agreed to pay $3.75 million, plus an additional $900,000 in medical expenses to an illegal alien who was severely beaten by other inmates in the Orange County Central Jail. The Mexican national filed a lawsuit shortly after the incident.

Fernando Ramirez, 24, was in jail after being charged with molesting a 6-year-old girl at a local park. He eventually pled guilty to the lesser charge of battery against a child.

According to his attorney, Ramirez suffered brain damage and now needs help walking. Attorney Mark Eisenberg also claims that his client has been left with an intellect of a 4-year-old child.

Despite the dire financial crisis facing Orange County, Ramirez received the largest settlement ever awarded by the county for an in-custody incident. The Board of Supervisors made their decision in a closed-door session and have refused any comment on the matter.

If anyone would like to contact the Orange County Board of Supervisors to discuss the Ramirez settlement, I have included the following contact list for your convenience:

-Board Chair Patricia C. Bates, Supervisor Fifth District (ph #: 714-834-3550)

-Vice Chair Janet Nguyen, Supervisor First District (ph #: 714-834-3110)

-John M.W. Moorlach, Supervisor Second District (ph #: 714-834-3220)

-Bill Campbell, Supervisor Third District (ph #: 714-834-3330)

-Chris Norby, Supervisor Fourth District (ph #: 714-834-3440)

Reporter’s note: Except for one story carried by the Orange County Register, there has been no press coverage of this matter. One would think that an illegal alien child molester becoming a millionaire through taxpayer funding would be big news.

Of course, a story such as this one would make people angry, and maybe even angry enough to hold their elected representatives accountable for the enormous crime wave being perpetrated by this country’s illegal alien population.

I don’t know which is more outrageous, the now-daily accounts of illegal aliens raping our women and children; our elected officials allowing our land to be transformed into a Third World nation; or a complicit mainstream press, eager to assist in the cover-up of our destruction.

His attorney is Mark Eisenberg

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Then Orange County wouldn't have had to pay him. Well, let me rethink that ... they might have had to pay his family, whether in Mexico or CA. Things are so far out of hand now that I don't know when they will ever be reasonable again. Molesting a 6 year old girl should have gotten the bastard executed, but not in the US today. When will we be able to retake our country? When will we say, "Enough is enough"?

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Wow.but if a citizen is in his more like life in prison. But this wetback piece of shit gets paid...if he stumble upon me.ill hit him nine time with my nine and call him 50.

fear no evil.
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