Illegal Immigrants Sue Hospital Over Clinic Closure

Illegal Immigrants Sue Hospital Over Clinic Closure

Grady Memorial Hospital is facing a lawsuit by illegal immigrants demanding free dialysis care. "Bernard Taylor, a lawyer for Grady, told the judge that the charity hospital can no longer afford to provide regular dialysis treatment for the slightly fewer than 100 patients of the clinic," the Wall Street Journal reported. "The hospital began informing dialysis patients earlier this summer that it would be closing the clinic. It recommended patients return to their home countries for treatment or move to one of about a dozen states it says provide the service for undocumented immigrants under Medicaid."

from the Dan Stein Report

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8 years 25 weeks ago, 4:23 PM


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How can they file a lawsuit against anybody? This is one of the reasons are health system is broke and I won't even touch what they have done to the school systems in this country.

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8 years 25 weeks ago, 6:46 PM


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I'm going to be the terror of the fucking PTA meetings when my boy gets older. And let me see some shit with my kid singing praises of any national leader, whether I like them or not. I might go to jail.

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8 years 25 weeks ago, 8:27 PM


oh boy...A Rant!

alright here goes.illegals shouldnt be allowed to sue anyone.they are here ILLEGALLY!the dipshit attorneys who aid them should be tarred and fucking feathered.i am dealing with physical health issues right now(back problems)and i cant get in to see my doctor because the illegals take up all the goddamn appointments.i pay for my medical insurance out of my pocket not the tax payers and i gotta play second shittin fiddle to an illegal?fuck that!makes me want to walk into the doctor office with a cattle prod and start checking ID!this crap has gone on too damn long!i got some hope and change for ya,get the fuck out of my country you border hopping piece of shit.if we catch you here again you get a rope nap in town square!and for those who say this is too mean,you shut the fuck up too or your next!i got a letter from my kids' schools to join the PTA.can you believe that i have to pay 15 bucks a year for me and my wife to join?isnt my tax dollars enough?i will pay it but i will gaddamn sure make my voice heard.these school assholes have finally pissed me off enough!i am tired of the liberal agenda being forced down my kids' least our school district refused to show the Obama student address.they are catching shit for it though from our dem governor,that fat cunt!i want my kids to learn history the right fuckin way,not this nicey nicey bullshit they have been forced to hear.if my kids are required to do some bullshit school project that forces liberal ways on them i keep them home and go to the school and raise 9 kinds of hell!wish i could sue to get back all the wages i have lost going to the school and fighting for my kids rights.last time i talked to the principal she had the goddamn rent a cop in the office with us.i guess i am intimidating.fuck her too!If i had the time and money i would home school my kids myself but i cant i gotta go out with my busted back and work to pay taxes so some puke illegal can have dialysis.fuck em' unplug the goddamn machine i say.sorry about your bad luck asshole.go talk to your president in your country about medical.oh,you cant cause you would get shot?not my problem!

8 years 24 weeks ago, 6:56 PM


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As far as I'm concerned, illegal aliens are criminals and have NO rights. They should be deported, and if they resist, they should be shot like the fucking dogs they are.

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8 years 24 weeks ago, 7:03 PM


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Illegal just doesn't sound bad enough for me!

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8 years 17 weeks ago, 3:38 AM

william Lammers

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This newest Pres., and his Cabinet seem to think calling anyone an Illegal Immigrant, is wrong! OK, I'll just call them ESCAPEES, because they obviously escaped from somewhere, and now have become economic SQUATTERS. It would seem to me, that if we have a High Security Prison, that has been sitting, pretty much EMPTY, now to be the new CUBA Camp, lets fill these damned things up with Squatters, as well...then I could call them Detainees, and maybe the Pres, wouldn't take offense.

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8 years 25 weeks ago

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