Interesting Firearm

Interesting Firearm

Franklin Armory is pleased to introduce the all new CSW! With its debut at SHOT SHOW 2012, the early reception of this design has been very positive. This unique trigger system attaches to any existing AR-15 platform. It replaces both the pistol grip and the stock with no permanent alteration to the firearm. The advantage to this set up is that the weapon is no longer classified as a rifle (nor pistol, shotgun, or AOW), which means that it cannot be considered an "assault weapon" by any existing assault weapon bans. It is simply an "Other" firearm and doesn't carry the restrictions that other traditional firearms may. In CA that means that an AR-15 pattern firearm with the CSW can use a standard magazine release instead of a bullet button as well as any legally possessed high capacity magazines!

The CSW is a Spade Grip design that boasts independent triggers on each grip. The orignal fire control group is retained and the linkage attaches directly to the trigger so the rate of fire is not artificially increased. This design aspect is intentional to prevent being classified as a "multi-burst trigger activator."

Check out the video:

Independent Triggers on Each Grip
Works with Existing AR-15 Firearms
No Permanent Modification
An "Other"--Not Rifle, Pistol, Shotgun, or AOW
Can Use Hi-Cap Mags in CA
Does not Alter Rate of Fire

Technical Specifications:
Made of Durable, Lightweight 6061 Aluminum
Type III Hard Coat Anodized

Model Options:
Modular Kit (Non-Firearm)

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