IOC Rejects Obama, Chicago for 2016 Olympics - The IOC finally got something right

IOC Rejects Obama, Chicago for 2016 Olympics - The IOC finally got something right

IOC Rejects Obama, Chicago for 2016 Olympics
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The New York Times reports:

COPENHAGEN — The International Olympic Committee delivered a stunning blow to Chicago’s bid for the 2016 Olympics, knocking it out of the voting in the first round Friday, leaving Rio de Janeiro and Madrid waiting for the announcement which city will host the Games. Tokyo was eliminated in the second round.

I.O.C. president Jacques Rogge made the announcement as the first round concluded, a surprisingly early exit, especially because of President Barack Obama’s whirlwind trip to boost the bid of his adopted city. Mr. Obama was the first American president to make an in-person appeal for a bid city and first lady Michelle Obama had also come earlier this week to lobby I.O.C. members for votes. Chicago’s bid leaders had worked for nearly four years and spent close to $50 million to bring the Olympics to the United States for the first time in 20 years. Chicago had been considered among Olympic insiders as a favorite to win the Games, along with Rio.

And who's $50 million did they use?

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8 years 20 weeks ago, 2:37 PM


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Rio de Janeiro got it

Why would one want the Olympics? The city that gets it always loses money. Prestige? Prestige = bullshit. Oh yeah, now I get it - Obama's all about bullshit. I'm glad to see the bastard lose at something, along with his wife, and Mayor Daly, that gun-hating son of a bitch.

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8 years 20 weeks ago, 2:42 PM


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I laughed my ass off and everytime I see a replay on FNN I just love seeing the faces of the OBAMA/maniacs when the news comes that chi-town got knock-off...I mean its...its...wonderful..!!!

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8 years 20 weeks ago, 2:56 PM


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i believe

the IOC just saved a few tourists lives.

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Posted by: samD
8 years 20 weeks ago

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