Isn't That A .22 ?

Isn't That A .22 ?

Whadda ya think, she keeping them in the 10 ring?

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5 years 3 weeks ago, 12:53 AM

greg az

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sorta woke me up Lou.. I consider my self to be an expert (based on "past" experiance course) on the subject..

What was the question again.. oh yeah.. .22.. yep.. sure is.. Much more fun to talk about than Jane F.. what a joke.. i always felt sorry for Pop.. Hank Fonda was the real thing..

According to stories i've read, in particular from one POW who lobbied (unsuccessfully) for years to debate her, and bring these actions into the open.. Her actions are believed by some to have resulted in the death of one of the prisoners, this is related to the formation that all handed (slipped) her their names, she palmed the first one, leading the others to believe she would assist in getting their names out. (they had no prior knowledge on her anti war stance) At the end of the formation she turned to the ranking VN O and handed over all the slips of names. Following this she addressed the assembled POW's and shamed them in front of the VN. Saying they were baby killers, and worse.. Our prisoners of war were then beaten.. Leading to the death of one..

a man has to hold his word, hold his beliefs, and hold a good sight picture.
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Posted by: daisycutter
5 years 3 weeks ago

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