ISSC's Modern Sporting Rifle MK22

ISSC's Modern Sporting Rifle MK22

M211000 MSRP $569.95

Available in May, 2010, shooters will welcome ISSC's Modern Sporting Rifle MK22, the first rifle to incorporate military-style handling into a modern sporter that performs equally well on the range of the great outdoors.

Equipped with either a 22-shot or 10-shot magazine and folding or fixed stock, the MSR MK22 performs flawlessly with all types of 22LR ammunition and is accurate at both close-range and target-range distances.

The MSR MK22 can be aimed either with its integral folding sights or you can attach any kind of aiming device to the Picatinny rails that come standard on all sides of the barrel.

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by samD
by samD


7 years 16 weeks ago, 5:48 PM


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It looks awful expensive for a .22. What can it do a Glenfield can't? I feel it was made for the man that has balls bigger than his brain.

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7 years 16 weeks ago, 6:29 PM


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Expensive .22

I saw a .22 made on the same sort of frame, and looking just like an HK94 or MP5. It's made by some company called GSSG (I think), and the MSRP is $500. I think they're not on the market now, because HK threatened a lawsuit (?). I had the same thought as traderjac - "Why pay all that money for a .22 knock-off?"

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7 years 16 weeks ago, 6:59 PM


GSG 22

I have fired a real GSG 22 prior to the H&K lawsuit.These things are sweet!They are the ruger 10/22 of assault variant 22 rifles.I fed the GSG 30 round mags for 500 rounds continuously until no ammo was left in all the malfunctions at all.500 dollars is alot but not for what you get in this package.if i had the cash I would buy one in a second!ok,i would buy one for each member of my family if I could!and i cant say that about any other 22 unless it is a ruger 10/22 but then I have to get my paws dirty and make a ruger run like a swiss watch.aint gotta do that with a GSG!

7 years 16 weeks ago, 7:04 PM


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they copy

the ergonomics and nomenclature of their bigger counterparts,for instance the M&P 22 has all the safety,mag release,forward assist,pictanny rails,etc.that an AR has,you can use the same sights or optics,you can basically outfit one to look and operate just like an AR,and shoot the cheaper .22 ammo,they also have an M&P.22P which is the pistol version.Looks like other gun manufacturers are jumping on the wagon of the .22 black rifle.

I have shot the GSG .22 with aimpoint sight,it was pretty good,some FTF,but with the right ammo

i tried being reasonable,i didn't like it, NRA LIFE MEMBER,USMC VETERAN
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Posted by: samD
7 years 35 weeks ago

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