It's great that the Olympics shooting sports is open to women but in the U.K.not enough women.

It's great that the Olympics shooting sports is open to women but in the U.K.not enough women.

May of 2004 article, highlights how retarded the British hatred of guns really is. In the U.S. we have hundreds of women who could qualify to shoot trap in the Olympics.
"My selection into the team has meant that I am the first woman to have ever competed for Britain in the trap, which is fantastic, but also a little daunting. I have no other women to look up to who have been in this situation before but I do feel honoured and privileged to be a pioneer for the sport."

In England you cannot keep the gun at home. You have to be a member of a state approved club and guns do not leave the club. No practice stance, hold or follow through when they cannot get to the club. Can't blow away the neighbor's yappy assed dog.


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Poor guy could only have a "model" of a gun.. remember he talked about having the non firing P-22 walther.. Amazing. and there crime has not declined, the same stats that we have for our major cities that inacted gun control.. I honestly can't imagine what it would be like to not be able to have a gun at arms reach..

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Great Story

I hope she can get sponcers
Hell we need to get involved in stuff like that

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