Juggernaut Rogue Bullpup M1A Chassis System

Juggernaut Rogue Bullpup M1A Chassis System

Juggernaut Rogue Bullpup M1A Chassis System


This is our build of the Juggernaut Rogue M1A Bullpup stock from US Tactical Supply. We started with an out of the box Springfield Armory SOCOM and ended up with this very sophisticated and sexy as hell bullpup monster that shoots better and is easier to handle. On top is an armored UTG 3-12 with illuminated reticle and an NC Star foregrip.

This is the Rogue next to a standard SOCOM 16 to give you and idea of the size difference. Most of the weight is in the back so it mounts and pivots naturally, even though the kit ads over 2 pounds to the gun.

This is the kit as it comes out of the box. In the plastic is the top rail. The main chassis separates with that big screw in the rear so you can drop in the frame of the gun. The three black parts are the side clamp, the front clamp, and the side charging handle that mounts on the op rod. In the small plastic bags are rubber spacers so you can level the top rail if you need to.

This is a company promo photo from US Tactical Supply. Note the Made in US, by Americans!

Ben assembled this build and shot the gun at 100 yards to see what she could do.

This fairly well spaced 2 inch group is indicative of what the gun seemed to be able to do. For an M1A out of the box this is pretty good, and well within the parameters of any .308 (7.62x51NATO) battle rifle.

If you are curious how she works, this is the transfer bar that floats between the chassis trigger and the pusher bar on the actual rifle trigger. When you press the trigger on the Rogue you are pressing the actual trigger, so you lose nothing, and there is no gunsmith required.

Juggernaut Tactical Rogue Bullpup M1A Chassis

U.S. Tactical Supply Inc.
541-928-8645 PH
[email protected]

Order your Free US Tactical Supply Catalog HERE

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Looks nice!!! A M-14 in a small package.

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5 years 37 weeks ago, 2:21 PM


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nice write up samD


I have dealt with U.S. Tactical supply, they are a stand up company. Very respectful and willing to help. I highly recommend using them, they also have a catalog they will send you if you request it.


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Seems a shame to do that to such an iconic piece of equipment. I threw it in here for FYI...
Hope all is well. ZXMike is sneaking in again. Looks like his same old self. I email him something almost everyday. He is a neat guy a little perverse but nice. No I didn't call him a pervert that is saved for ebear. lol

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A much lighter, less costly conversion kit would be nice.

BTW, I reviewed the Rogue about a year ago... you can Google 'Updated Review: Juggernaut Tactical Rogue M1A conversion kit' to view it.

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Posted by: samD
5 years 37 weeks ago

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