Kahr PM9 - Who has one or shot one?

Kahr PM9 - Who has one or shot one?

I am contemplating the purchase of a Pocket Carry 9mm. I am tired of carrying the Glock19 on my hip and the G26 is too big for pocket carry, per runawaygun.
I have gotten very used to the pocket Beretta .25 mouse gun that I carry for backup, but it is really not a very effective piece. I don't like or want a .380. I like the commonality of 9mm as I have the G19 and my Marlin Camp 9 and reloader for the 9mm already.

Let me know what you all think.

I normally wear cargo shorts 11 months a year so they have big pockets. When I do wear jeans or slacks I can strap on the Glock.


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Glock 26

The Glock 26 is just a bit bigger than the Kahr 9,3 more rounds in the Glock 26 i believe, i have a Uncle Mikes kydex OWB holster,a FOBUS kydex OWB paddle,and a Don Hume IWB for the Glock 26,i carry mexican style more than anything,i usually stuff the 26 in my back pocket of my jeans if i'm wearing jeans and a tshirt,unless i'm going into the big city,then i holster it and wear my vest or a button down shirt,otherwise if i'm not going to carry a gun i will pack my Beretta 25,i know that sounds odd but a gun is like my watch and a knife,i don't feel right without them on.My G19 is a gun locker queen now after i got the 26 i am really happy with it,i can shoot it well and i like the fact that magazines are from the 19 fit it too.I like what you are doing with the 9MM,i'm kind of running that route too,only i'm getting a G34 next.Then a carbine,I think the keltec 9 MM carbine accepts Glock magazines,yep that'll work.

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Haven't owned or shot one I was considering getting one but instead decided on an S&W M&P 9mm compact. I'vr read that they are very similar to the kel-tec PF-9. Here's a review vid I like if you're interested.

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Haven't fired one, but I fondled one alot. I love the thing. If you want a pocket carry gun, you can't really beat it. Glocks, although I love em, do have more rounds, like the model 26, but they are just too fat to have in the pocket. I do have a kahr cw9 which is bigger than the pm9 and it is reliable. The only drawback to a pm9 is the pricetag, around 700 dollars last time i checked.

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