L. Neil Smith's KaBar Carbine Bayonet

L. Neil Smith's KaBar Carbine Bayonet

L. Neil Smith, Libertarian thinker and novelist, wrote this reply to my earlier piece on the obsolescence -- or lack thereof -- of bayonets. Bayonets SHOULD BE good camp knives. Alas, the slender issue blades are not. Neil's modification is a great idea which I intend to do to an M-14 bayonet as soon as possible.


Every generation seems to think the bayonet is obsolete -- until harsh reality teaches them otherwise. I figure, as long as it's a good fighting/camp knife, what does it hurt to make it attachable to the rifle, as well?

I'm not a military guy, and I only have one working bayonet (if you don't count the replica M1907 that goes on my '03 Springfield). It's for my M1 Carbine -- which needs all the helpit can get. See the attached photo. I took an issue bayonet apart, and rebuilt it around the blade of a Camillus copy of the USMC Ka-bar.

Springfield Armory used to offer a bayonet with twice the blade for KAR-15s like mine with the long, stupid flash hider. Wish I'd bought one when they were available.


PS: I might add that, for my hand at least, the bayonet grip is much more comfortable than the original leather washers.

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this is what i am going to do to an old bayonet i have here,good idea

i tried being reasonable,i didn't like it, NRA LIFE MEMBER,USMC VETERAN
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Bayonets are good

for intimidation, but in an urban setting, a bayonet mounted to a rifle is big and difficult to maneuver. I'd rather stick with a good fixed-blad knife attached either vertically on the center of my vest, or horizontally at the bottom of my vest under the mag pouches

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