Lake Lehman, PA, Sep 2009 - Sturm Ruger .357 / Old .22

Lake Lehman, PA, Sep 2009 - Sturm Ruger .357 / Old .22

Me: Guns Lot T-shirt, Sturm Ruger .357, .22 pistol (Father's) - Cheese picture

From Ruger:

I am not sure of the models of these guns, as they were given to me, but I do know that .357 is at least from the 1970's and I don't shoot it anymore these days. It is an accurate gun though.

Location: Lake Lehman, Public Range, PA

On this day, I didn't shoot either handguns in the picture. Cheese picture only! Just for you Runs. The .22, which I shot before is nothing special, didn't like shooting it on previous trips and had some problems. My Father actually took it apart and fixed it and it worked much better, but I am not a huge fan of .22s, so not much to say about it. The .357 was given to me years ago and while pretty accurate, it has developed a problem over the years. It probably needs to go into the shop for repairs...but since I am not currently in the US it will be some time before I get it in for repairs.


Whether you like to shoot birdies or bogeys, Sturm, Ruger & Company can accommodate you. The company, also called Ruger, is the nation's biggest gun maker and the only one that produces all four categories of firearms: pistols, revolvers, rifles, and shotguns. Models include hunting and target rifles, single- and double-action revolvers, muzzleloading guns, and double-barreled shotguns. Ruger also makes metal products (including golf club heads) for the commercial and military markets. The family of late founder William Ruger owns about 20% of the company, which opened for business in 1949.

Key numbers for fiscal year ending December, 2009:
Sales: $271.0M
One year growth: 49.3%
Net income: $27.5M
Income growth: 217.4%

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How did he get a T shirt? LOL

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