Learn to use the shotgun, it is your friend

Learn to use the shotgun, it is your friend

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7 years 35 weeks ago, 12:12 PM


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It's not your friend

after putting 100 rounds through it and your shoulder is black and blue, ask me how I know!

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7 years 35 weeks ago, 1:44 PM

greg az

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I'm with you Hamp, I've told you guys that back in the "dinosaur era" of corrections we spent as much (if not more) range time on shoties as we did pistols.. The standards for shotgun qualification were kept pretty easy, as we had problems with our female staff.. The women were close to 20% of total, and you couple the smaller size of a woman with intimidation of a big 12 ga, fact is it was hard for them.. That whole issues was (probably still is) a mess..

We all know women can shoot as well as a man, i think tests run at camp Perry have shown equal to better.. But the reality of new hired staff was that most had never had a shotgun in thier hands before being hired.. Bottom line, range day was always black and blue time..

At any rate i was never a big fan of shotguns. I've only owned three, and none of them are on my "wish i wouldn't have sold that" list.. I remember wasting money on an 870.. guess I was going to be clay target boy.. I was such a lousy shot i was embarrassed to go out with any of my buds, and it's amazing how those cheap ass clay targets break if you DONT hit em, so you can't even reuse the suckers..

Oh yeah and then thiers my experiance with bird hunting.. Guess i'm a little "squirly" (lighting reflexes ya know) when ever i'd scare up a pheasant i swear i'd jump as much as it did..

Ok.. I'm shitting a bit close to the home, anyway if were ever in a SHTF scenario make sure i get the pistol and give the shootie to Grease, or Vaq..

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7 years 17 weeks ago, 11:08 PM


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Love shot guns but yeah they hurt on both ends LOL!!

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Posted by: samD
8 years 25 weeks ago

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