Local Clerks Taking Arms Against Robbers in California

Local Clerks Taking Arms Against Robbers in California

Rowena Lugtu-Shaddox FOX40 News
March 20, 2010

MODESTO - When two masked men, one armed with a gun, tried to rob this liquor store late Friday night, the clerk behind the counter took a stand.

"Due to the robbery and him feeling unsafe for his safety that he did use his firearm," Modesto police Ofc. Scott Nelson said.

Police said the clerk was within his right to arm himself and use the weapon.

"The Penal Code in California does give the business owner the right to have a firearm in his possession... He was acting in self defense," Nelson said. And self defense is what it comes down to.

Saturday night, we visited a handful of similar stores that are equally armed.

The man behind the counter at this liquor store confirmed that they have a firearm on hand to keep workers safe and to protect their business.

And at this convenience store, the owner's brother said they've experienced enough incidents, such as people trying to break down the door after hours, that they have no other choice *but to arm themselves.

Staff at those businesses say they meet socially and consider themselves hardworking people, who are up against criminals trying to steal all they've worked for.

Police say bad guys should think twice before trying to rob a place.

"I think it's a good reminder to the criminals that the business that they're in can sometimes be dangerous. It's unfortunate that a business owner would have to resort to this type of act. But it is within their authority," Nelson added.
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So, with that being said, and I agree fully with the store owners defending themselves. Why aren't citizens supposed to be able to do the same thing? Why are they trying to take our guns away from us? We are trying to protect our families and belongings. Families are infinitely more valuable than cash or chocolate donuts and a beer. Like the police said, the criminals should be aware the stores are armed. The general public, should they so chose, should have the same rights.

"We cannot defend freedom abroad by deserting it at home" Thomas Jefferson
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