LWRC International AR Rifles

LWRC International AR Rifles

LWRC International AR Rifles
After winning a coveted NRA Golden Bullseye award for its IC-A5 rifle this year, LWRC International is ready to trot out several new models for 2017 including the 16" barrel IC-DI in 300 BLK and the 8.5" barrel SIX8-PSD chambered in 6.8 SPC II . Shown here is the 7.62 NATO REPR MKII 20. The NiCorr cold hammer forged 20" heavy barrel features full length spiraling flutes and a 20-postion adjustable gas block for sub MOA accuracy. The LWRCI advanced trigger guard protects a Geissele SSA 2-stage precision trigger. This platform also sports a Surefire SFMB sound suppressor adapter, Skirmish back-up iron sights, an UBR Gen2 Adjustable stock and a Magpul MOE+ grip.

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