M-9 Bayonet

M-9 Bayonet

M-9 Bayonet :Mounts on M16A1, M16A2, M4 and Pre-Ban AR15 equipped with bayonet lugs & the Mossberg 500/590 with bayonet lug.

This is the same Bayonet that is the currently issued bayonet for the M4 and similar US service rifles soldiers are now caring - this is not a commercial reproduction.

The M-9 Multipurpose Bayonet System is used as a bayonet on the M16 series rifle, on the M4 series carbine, as a hand weapon, as a general field and utility knife as well as a wire cutter together with its scabbard, and as a saw. The M-9 Multipurpose Bayonet System has a heavy 7x1.4 inch blade, and is 12 inches in overall length.

Its main features are listed in this table, numbered according to the drawing above.

M-9 2” 1/8 inches Overall Length (30 centimeters)
Blade is .235 Inches Thick
7” .420 Modified Stainless Steel Blade (Fig.16)
Steel Hand Gaurd (Fig.17)
Blade is Black Oxide Coated for LOW reflective signature
NEW - “Ergonomic” Textured Thermoplastic Nylon Handle (Fig.18)
Milled sawteeth on back of blade (Fig.19)
Wire Cutter Edge (Fig.20)
Marked "M9 Lan-Cay USA" on one side of blade and LAN-CAY on the scabbard.
Bayonet Mount / Quick Release Hold (Fig. 21/15)

Scabbard Specifications :
Thermoplastic Nylon
Wire Cutter & Screwdriver ,
Equipped with a quick release holster

On the M-9 Bayonet-knife there are left-hand and right-hand lock-release levers at the rear of the bayonet. The M-9 is longer, wider and heavier than either the M-6 or M-7 bayonets that it replaced.

The scabbard has a screwdriver at the tip (near small hook seen at top of top photo). In addition, the knife and scabbard together form a wire cutter by slipping the scabbard stud into the hole in the knife blade.

Lan-Cay USA Production - USGI

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Hey greasypaws

I want to set one of these up on my Marlin Camp 9. I have found an adapter lug to go on my bbl. I will post a pic of it. What do you think?

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i think it would be neat.post a pic of a camp 9 too

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