The M1 Carbine 10/22 Tribute Project...

The M1 Carbine 10/22 Tribute Project...

The Ruger 10/22 pays tribute to the original M1 semi-automatic carbine with our new M1 Replica 10/22 Stock and Accessories. Build an M1 Carbine Tribute Gun of your own. It's easy! Order the stock and accessories below and install them on your 10/22!
The foundation of our project is the two piece M1 Replica 10/22 Stock. It includes the buttstock and handguard with barrel band and front sling swivel. This stock is compatible with original factory sights. Installation on your Ruger 10/22 is an easy, drop-in fit. Add the M1 Carbine Sling with Oiler for even more authenticity. And, you can add a TechSights military style sight set for fast, pinpoint aiming capability!
Order/Info 133-1022 M1 Replica 10/22 Stock $129
Order/Info 130-48S M1 Carbine Sling with Oiler $19

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eabco M1 Tribute Kit

The good first. The stock fit my 10/22 barrel and action well, the upper forend fit the lower, and there were no gaps or tight spots where metal met wood. The wood itself isn't anything special but it seems durable enough. With the sling and Tech Sight attached it really does look a lot like an M1 carbine. The TSR200 sights themselves work very well, a bit improvement over the stock sights that came with my rifle.

Now the bad parts. The rifle finish is the biggest downside of this kit. Mine started to flake off while assembling the stock to the action. Just normal handling and a little friction against the cardboard on my workbench rubbed off some finish and I can see more come off if I rub my finger over the trouble spots. I have other rifles I handle in exactly the same way and they show no stock wear. After a few trips to the range the kit is starting to look even more authentic with the stock gaining the appearance of having gone through World War II. I need to strip it and apply a new, better quality, finish.

A second problem is the slot cut into the stock for the oiler being too narrow to allow the oiler and sling to fit in it as received. I needed to squeeze the metal tab at the end of the sling in my vice to both flatten and narrow it. Eventually I got it small enough to force between the oiler and the stock and everything fit in place. Either the stock should be cut a little differently to allow enough room to pass the sling around the oiler, or eabco should provide some instructions and mention that the tab needs to be modified to assemble the kit.

I also needed to sand the inside of the magazine well because a couple of my Ruger factory magazines were a little too wide for the cutout as received. The clear magazines were tough to insert and had to be pried out when released, and a couple of black ones also did not come out easily. Some time with medium and fine sandpaper fixed the problem, but it really should have been sized correctly when the stock was made.

I sent eabco an email the day I received the kit describing my problem assembling the oiler and sling and how the stock finish was already flaking off. I never got any response. So much for customer service.

Overall, I like the kit and think it has more good points than bad, but the stock finish and need to modify the sling tab show poor quality control and lack of interest in customer satisfaction so I'm rating it as only 7 out of 10. Caveat emptor.

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