M1898 Mauser

M1898 Mauser

An M48A Mauser at the 2002 State Shoot Off

While the K'98k is best known as the main German battle rifle of World War II, other versions of the 1898 Mauser were sold to countries all over the world.
After the war, many Soviet-block nations produced their own version of the K'98k on looted German machinery. One such version is the common Yugo M-48 or M48A shown above. Some of these eastern nations also took large numbers of captured German WWII Mausers and simply ground off the Nazi acceptance stamps, adding their oun national crests.
As a general rule, the best variations of the M98 Mauser on the surplus market will be those made in Germany and sold to countries which did not participate in World War II. German WW II Mausers captured and re-hab'ed by the Russians vary widely in condition. Variations of the M98 produced after WW II are often offered in "excellent to new" condition, but this is dependent upon the quality of the rifle when new. Remember when buying older Mausers, there are TWO 8x57M cartridges, the 8x57J and the 8x57JS. They DO NOT interchange!!.

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