Macabre History: Charles Tex Watson's .22 Buntline Special

Macabre History: Charles Tex Watson's .22 Buntline Special

Charles Tex Watson's .22 Buntline Special

This is the actual gun that Manson "family" member Charles "Tex" Watson used to kill Steve Parent and shoot Jay Sebring and Voytek Frykowski with.

Before the Tate murders Charles Manson used this gun to shoot drug dealer Bernard Crowe (who did not die).

After the Tate killings this weapon was tossed from the killers' car, along with the knives, by Linda Kasabian. It was found by a young man named Steven Weiss on September 1st, 1969 on a hillside behind his home.

The gun's right grip is missing. While beating Voytek Frykowski over the head with it, Watson broke it and the pieces were found on Sharon Tate's carpet the morning the bodies were discovered.

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