Magpul Masada

Magpul Masada

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9 years 50 weeks ago, 2:17 AM


Great idea, gas piston to improve upon reliable feeding. The problem is this new rifle needs a new round. Try a 6mm-6.8mmx45-51 not 6.8x43. Thats right a new magazine and lengthened receiver will be necessary. The military needs a cartridge that truely gives them an edge over their enemy. Long range or short range, rapid fire or slow fire. A new beginning for individual weapons systems. I would like to see the winchester 243 cartridge as our new service cartridge. The rifle would need to be built so the recoil is soft enough for 19 yr old kids with no weapons skills could master. The range of this rifle would give a military member an advantage over any enemy with a 7.62x39mm rifle.

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Posted by: marvin
10 years 33 weeks ago
Magpul Masada

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