Man Turns Tables On Attempted Robber

Man Turns Tables On Attempted Robber

Man Turns Tables On Attempted Robber
Posted: 9:33 pm EDT September 19, 2009
Updated: 9:54 pm EDT September 19, 2009

DAYTON, Ohio -- Police said a man acted in self-defense on Saturday when he shot a 24-year-old who tried to rob him at gunpoint.

"Little did this kid know that this 72-year-old man was a licensed CCW (carrying a concealed weapon) carrier and he produced his own firearm and defended himself because he was in fear of his life," said Sgt. John Sullivan of the Dayton Police Department.

Sullivan said the 24-year-old cut in front of the 72-year-old in the area of Brooklyn Avenue in Dayton. He said the 24-year-old got out of his vehicle with an assault rifle, pointed it at the 72-year-old and tried to rob him.

That's when the 72-year-old pulled out his weapon and shot the robber twice, once in the abdomen and once in the arm. The robber is expected to survive his injuries.

Police didn't expect to file charges against the 72-year-old. They said the attempted robber would face a charge of aggravated robbery.

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Maybe it would have been better if he'd killed the asshole. As it stands now, the 24-year-old could sue him, & some soft headed jury could award damages. In some countries, the CCW carrier would have been arrested & prosecuted. In Israel, he would be given marksmanship training to ensure that he killed the next asshole who tried that.

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