Matt's Screamin' Yellow Ackley--The Need for Speed

Matt's Screamin' Yellow Ackley--The Need for Speed

.243 AI Speed Demon
In a long-range varmint rifle, speed kills. Ultra-high velocities deliver flatter trajectories and more explosive hits. And that's where the .243 Ackley really shines. While we don't advocate "pushing the limits" with factory actions, Matt Bianchini has explored the upper limits of .243 Ackley performance with his Farley-actioned long-range rig, fitted with a 29" Lilja 3-groove, 8-twist barrel. Using a stout load of Reloader 25, Matt's "Screamin' Yellow Ackley" has topped 3340 fps with Clinch River 106s. That is serious speed for heavy 6mm bullets. This shows a well-built .243 AI leaves Dashers and 6XCs in the dust when it comes to pure velocity.

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that a very high rate of speed for muzzle velocity neh. as you know ryo have been making very extensive study of extremely high speed bullets. while not incredible, it is, however, at 3340 fps a very high rate of speed. and goes to show you that smaller rounds can be fire at such high velocity without them melting or flying apart. the secret is just in the materials you choose to make your projectiles with neh.

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While only slightly faster than the 5.56 leaving the muzzle of an M16A2 at 3100 fps, you have to look at the bullet weights. The 5.56 M855 "green tip" is 62 gr, while this is firing a 106 gr bullet. The .220 Swift can hum along at a bit over 4,000 fps, but this is with a 40 gr bullet. A 106 gr bullet at 3,340 fps is an amazing speed for a rifle that doesn't require a muzzle brake.

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