Mauser 98

Mauser 98

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best mauser made

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I had some great conversations with Daisycutter on the 98 and the 1909 as to which was the definitive Mauser.. I also thought that the 98 was the best of the Mauser line.. He filled me in on the following. Seems in that year (hence the date used to id those Mauser's) The Argentinians purchased a run of Gewehr 98's from Deutsche Waffen und Munitions(cant remember the German spelling for it) Anyway they proceeded to make a couple of modifications to the 98 series..Tangent rear sight, hinged mag floor plate, and something to the bay mount.. The big deal was the cartridge the Argentines used a 7.65X53 fired a 211gr @2,100 fps, or a 185gr @2,500 fps (that info is from classic firearms "guns % ammo")

At any rate according to daisy serious target shooters look at the 1909 Argentine as the final evolution.. Oh and the bbl length is diffrent.. longer on the 1909 think its 29"..

I personally like the look of the K98 (furniture, and bbl length) better, and no better rifle shoot than i am couldn't take advantage of any "supposed" superiority in the 1909.. I think the 98, the SMLE, and the 1903 are the definitive battle rifles.. Something about the idea of "harassing fire" at 2K meters thats up there with artillery.. anyway FYI only..

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