Mauser C96

Mauser C96

Mauser C96 (Construktion 96)is a semi-automatic pistol that was originally produced by German arms manufacturer Mauser from 1896 to 1937.
Unlicensed copies of the gun were also manufactured in Spain and China in the first half of the 20th century.

The main distinctive identifying characteristics of the C96 are the integral box magazine in front of the trigger, the long barrel, the wooden shoulder stock which can double as a holster or carrying case, and a grip shaped like the end of a broom's handle. The gun's distinctive appearance earned it the nickname "Broomhandle" in the English-speaking world (from the shape of its grip), and in China, the C96 was nicknamed the "box cannon" (Chinese: 盒子炮; pinyin: hézipào) because of both its square-shaped external magazine and the fact it could be holstered in its wooden box-like detachable stock.

Approximately 1 million C96 pistols were manufactured by Mauser alone, with the number produced in Spain and China being large but unknown due to the loss, non-existence, or poor upkeep of production records from those countries.

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