MCSO: Illegal Mexican immigrant (alien/entrant) found to have chicken pox

MCSO: Illegal Mexican immigrant (alien/entrant) found to have chicken pox

The Associated Press

May 11, 2010 - 5:51PM

Maricopa County authorities are worried about a potential health hazard after one of 11 illegal immigrants from Mexico arrested Tuesday was found to have chicken pox .

The county Sheriff's Office says three of those arrested are suspected of being infected with the airborne disease. They say all of the illegal immigrants have been exposed to chicken pox and may be carriers now.

A van carrying the 11 immigrants was stopped Tuesday afternoon in a traffic stop in the area of Interstate 17 and Jomax Road.

Sheriff Joe Arpaio says four jail inmates — all illegal immigrants from Mexico — were confirmed with having chicken pox in the last two months and 160 inmates needed to be put in medical quarantine because of it.

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this will put more fuel on the fire and get some of the hippies off our backs...they would all be bitchin if there was a pandemic from lettin ANYONE in the country and letting them stay...

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