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For me

fitness model, West Point grad/served as an Army Ranger

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5 years 33 weeks ago, 2:15 PM

greg az

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Secretary of Homeland Security
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Good for you..We get gals in here, and this gets to be filed under quid pro quo..(sorta).. We ask the women who come on here to accept the girly pics, so only fair.. Just do us guys a favor and don't put any "cucumbers" up there..

On a serious note, i've always been proud that the group here does self police, and we don't look like
"greys gyno anatomy 101"..

On a less than serious note.. how did you get those pics, gloria told me had destroyed all of them..

a man has to hold his word, hold his beliefs, and hold a good sight picture.
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Posted by: leanneshu
5 years 37 weeks ago

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