Memorial Day.. MAJ G. P. Edwards USA.. pic says it all

Memorial Day.. MAJ G. P. Edwards USA.. pic says it all

A Memorial Day tribute to my brother..

Ran away from home at 16.. high school drop out.. worked for the T4 Cattle Co (still in business) out side of Tucomcari NM (will edit w/spck asap) enlisted in 1958, being held by the Cuban crisis led to OCS.. Two tours of Vietnam then retired as a Major in 1978

A Cold warrior who went from uniform to retirement with DOD as systems manager R&D dept of ICTUS (i can't tell you shit) Cool thing is that while we talked about everything in this life, we didn't talk about ICTUS.. Cause i loved him.. Still do.. miss you my Brother.

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Howdy Mr Greg
Good day to you sir

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