Memorial Day, Thanks To The Folks Back Home

Memorial Day, Thanks To The Folks Back Home

I want to thank the people who stayed at home and did the jobs that keeps America alive. Gunsmiths and garbage collectors. Locksmiths and brick layers. Store clerks and chicken processors. Lumbermill workers and electric linemen. Factory workers and farmers. Truck drivers and toll takers. The guy that drives the Coca Cola distributor's truck and UPS.
You don't have to dodge bullets to be a great American, just pitch in and do your part.
Thanks for being there, you may not realize it but you did contribute to the defense of
our country!


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greg az

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On the money in every since.. Turned on FOX to see the start of O's "50 years" speach.. his ability to give a speach, combined with subject matter made this memorable.. i'm sure everyone knows that this has been planed for the past 10 years.. The "start" date was hard, as of course it went back to Eisenhower in 55, then a progression, so an air cav assault in 62 was used as the 50 year point..

Daisys 100% right.. Unless drafted the majority of us who enlisted were just goofy kids who had seen to many John Wayne movies.. Didn't have the maturity for "higher education" and the idea of travel and adventure sounded a lot more fun than duhh.. working.. Just talking about myself here, but for me those who had the "real" stuff stayed home and raised familys.

I know a lot of Vets returned to negative, and sure in no way shape or form did it echo todays "support the troops".. My own experiance was the opposite.. Couldn't buy a beer when i first came home, and least in down state ILL none of the anti war emotions others faced.. None of us (other vets) talked about it, and if we did it was just to each other, had a four year marriage to a Women that im sure didn't know i was a Vet..

I was never in danger, but we lost two 12 man combat aircrews.. The survivor guilt thing is for real, but sure no other cause of PTSD that i would think most everyone who served in Iraq or Afganistan would have due to constant threat of IED's etc..

Happy Memorial day to everyone of you guys..

a man has to hold his word, hold his beliefs, and hold a good sight picture.
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serious stunning events along with the shooting down of the EC121 by N. Koreans.
The aircrew guys had it soft until shit hit the fan.
I cannot wrap my head around what it is like for the combat infantrymen, I just can't imagine what they go through.
The anti-war shit-for-brains bombed our ship with paint filled balloons as it passed under the GG bridge. I'd been discharged by that time.
3 months later, back in for the duration.

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Posted by: daisycutter
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